Flotrol Tablets Herbal Ingredients

When you've had enough of your poor bladder problems, Flotrol herbal tablets are ready to help. These all natural supplements are made with the best ingredients to help improve the health and strength of your bladder muscles. Let's see why Flotrol is so effective for both men and women.

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Soybean Germ extract

The first ingredient inside of Flotrol is soybean germ extract. We are sure that you are familiar with regular soybeans, many like to eat them roasted. While soybeans are a great source of fuel for the body, they are also a great cure for bladder problems.


This extract works by providing the bladder muscles with much-needed estrogen. This estrogen hormone is responsible for building the strength of the bladder muscles. Yes, in guys too! In addition, estrogen is used by the body to maintain existing strength and muscles mass.

Those suffering from bladder problems have weak sphincter and detrusor muscles. By taking soybean germ extract daily they can supply the body with the right hormone to ensure these muscles build up strong and stay that way well into the future.

Pumpkin Seed Extract

The second part of the Flotrol ingredient combination is pumpkin seed extract. The use of this extract has been dated back to the Native Americans who used it for treating ailments of the bladder. Needless to say, pumpkin seed extract has stood the test of time.


The specific reason this extract works so well for bladder problems lies within the detrusor muscle. This extract block the involuntary contractions of the detrusor muscles. These involuntary contractions are what makes people have an overactive bladder that can lead to urine leakage.

The Results Of Clinical Studies

A simple search online will return handfuls of clinical studies done on both of the main ingredients of soybean germ and pumpkin seed extracts. All of these studies lead to the same improved bladder health results, which is why Flotrol works so well for its users.

clinical results from flotrol use

"Flotrol Gives You The Best Of Both Ingredients."

The makers of Flotrol understand what the root causes of various bladder issues are. They also know that one bladder issue tends to lead to another. This is why they picked these two extracts to combine together to give patients the hormones they need to rebuild the strength and health of their bladder muscles.