Flotrol Bladder Control Supplement

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flotrol bladder control supplement

If you have been dealing with bladder problems, such as an overactive bladder, we don't have to tell you how much it affects all areas of your life. Many find it hard to enjoy their lives as their mind is constantly worried about finding the nearest bathroom.

Flotrol Can Help You Get Control Back!

When your bladder is healthy it will hold up to five hundred milliliters of urine. When your bladder is approaching the five hundred mark, the detrusor muscles contract.

This contraction signals to the body that you need to relieve the bladder. When you urinate, the sphincter muscles, which are band-like muscles surrounding the bladder, will contract and release. These are the on-off switch for your body's urine stream.

When Bladder Problems Start...

Typical bladder problems are overactive bladders, slight urine leakage, and urinary incontinence. In all these cases, the problem with the bladder are the muscles that control its functions. Those who suffer from an overactive bladder are facing problems with their detrusor muscle.

This muscle is contracting well before the bladder reaches its full capacity. This makes a person feel like they have to urinate more often than they should have to. In some cases, this detrusor muscle malfunction can cause the sphincter muscles to involuntarily release urine.

The sphincter muscles can become weak overtime. This leads to urine leakage and full-blown urinary incontinence if left untreated. Those who live will bladder problems for years tend to develop emotional, psychological, and social well being issues.

Stop living with an unhealthy bladder and let Flotrol help you!

Enough is enough. It's time for you to take back control over your bladder functions. Those who have used Flotrol report an improved quality of life within the first two weeks.

Flotrol is so effective in both men and women of all ages because of its two main ingredients. These are soybean germ extract and pumpkin seed extract. Both of these ingredients have been used since the times of the Native Americans to treat bladder problems.


In order for the muscles surrounding the bladder to grow strong, they need to be supplied with a healthy level of estrogen. Soybean germ extract provides this much-needed boost of estrogen that allows the muscles to grow strong.

Pumpkin seed extract is encased in each bottle of Flotrol bladder support to help with reducing the involuntary contractions of the detrusor muscle. By reducing these contractions, you will feel the need to urinate much less. In additional, you will notice a decrease in urine leakage.

recommended dosage

The Flotrol supplement is to be utilized to grow and maintain the muscles of the bladder. This requires that you consistently use this product on a daily basis to maintain the strength of your sphincter and detrusor muscles.

The recommended dosage is 5 tablets for the first two weeks of using this product. At the start of week three, you should reduce the dosage to 3 capsules daily. This will ensure your body continues to get the hormones it needs to keep your bladder muscles strong and healthy.

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